Field Trips
Festival field trips are a fun and engaging way to introduce your students to diverse international perspectives and media literacy skills.
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Groups over 25: $6 per student
Groups under 25: $7 per student

Free based on 10:1 ratio
$10 for each additional chaperone

Refreshments (only at Facets)
16oz popcorn and small soda: $3 per person

Post-Fest Screenings
If a field trip during the Festival dates doesn't work for you class, you can book a post-Fest field trip until Dec 20. 

Post-Fest screenings are on-demand field trips. You choose a field trip program from our current Festival schedule and we work with you to customize a date and time that is best for your class. Use the Request Booking link above request a post-Fest field trip.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should my school attend?
Kids and teens are growing up in the most media-saturated time in history. But while they have access to a large amount of media, they don’t always have access to the knowledge or resources to fully understand the impact of the media they engage with. 

Our field trips approach this problem head on by using film to teach students about how media impacts their daily lives.
What is included?
Screening: Each field trip includes a screening of your choice from our Official Selection.  

Media education: Pre- and post-screening discussions led by our expert media instructors explore the artistic elements and themes presented in the films. 

Resources: Our Group Screening Curriculum is aligned with Common Core and Fine ArtsStandards and gives you a range of activity and assessment options.
What kinds of films are screened?
Our field trip programs contain artistically innovative, intellectually engaging international films that approach youth and the world they inhabit with emotional complexity. 

The films are curated from our Official Selection of, on average, 250 films from over 40 countries and contain a wide variety of genres and filmmaking styles.
What if we can’t make it during the Festival?
We offer extended Festival dates before and after the Festival on request.