Action Plan (Grades 3 – 5)
Featuring bumble bees, barnyard misfits and more, these characters think they have it all figured out. But do they?
In one animated short, we learn about how a particular bumble bee ought to act. In another short, a group of forest creatures assumes they know all about a peculiar new tree. In the last film, three barnyard misfits set off on hilarious misadventures in search of the owner of the unexpected parcel dropped in their laps.
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This is a Field Trip Program
3 - 5
Directed by
English, French, nonverbal
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
Expect the unexpected in others, keep your mind and your ears open, don't judge a book by its cover, adventure, letting go
90 mins
Best Laid Plans, Undiscovered, The Pig on the Hill, Neighbourwood, Stumblebee, Belly Flop, Post No Bills, A Priori, The Gruff-Voiced Tree, The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales: "A Baby to Deliver"