Best Laid Plans (Ages 8+)
What does one do when one’s plans go awry? The quirky characters in this collection of shorts are forced to come up with good alternative plans on the spot!
In one short, a penguin likes throwing a good party – until things get out of hand. In another short, Bigfoot shows up; will surprised hikers help him or run for the hills? The last two shorts both involve barnyard antics. In the first, some hapless friends try to get an important package delivered. And in the second, a fox discovers that three chicks think that he’s their father. What to do?
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This is a Field Trip Program
2 - 4
Directed by
English, French, nonverbal
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
73 mins
The Pig on the Hill, Best Laid Plans, The Hunt, Penguin, Undiscovered, The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales: "A Baby to Deliver", The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales: "The Big Bad Fox"