Growing up is never easy, follow along as these films tackle bullying, identity, and self-confidence.
This first film follows Rosalie who is subjected to daily bullying, but where she used to hide she has now found peers to help. Another short film follows Dela who starts a new school and is finding it difficult to fit in. Her name is different from everyone else's and her hair makes her stand apart from other girls. In the final film, Kelly is nervous about her first dance coming up, and to make it worse she just got braces. Even worse, she has to deflect Mean Girl put-downs. Can she learn the grounding importance of real friendship?
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades 6-8
Directed by
French, Hebrew, English, Dutch, Portuguese with English subtitles
Content Advisory
Mature Themes
No Bullies, Please!; Cyberbullying; manage expectations (self-care); identity; community; who to turn to in confrontational situations
90 mins
The Stained Club, Give it Back!, #bullyingstory, Dela, First Disco, Saturday's Apartment