Courts du College (Ages 11+)
From folklore about magical tortoises to long standing rivalries between the Big Bad Fox and Wolf, these French-language films are full of curious critters and adventure.
In one film based on folklore, a magic tortoise grants a fisherman and his wife ever-increasingly lavish lifestyle accoutrements, until they get their comeuppance. In another short, the hero is not a typical cookie-cutter character and wants to find his own way in the world. In the last short, the Big Bad Fox looks to prove his hunting mettle with the Wolf, but when he's got an unexpected obstacle in the way of a new brood, can he outwit him?
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This is a Field Trip Program
6 - 8
Directed by
English, French, nonverbal
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
French-based language and culture, books/folklore, good neighbors, adventure, outsiders/fitting in
90 mins
The Stonemason's Dream, The Golden Tortoise, Tis, Memo, The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales: "The Big Bad Fox"