Everyday Challenges, Everyday Solutions (Filmmakers in Attendance)
The characters in this collection of shorts do not let obstacles deter them from their goals.
In one short, visually-impaired Anna makes her way through a wintry forest to get a birthday cake to her friend. In another short, Eugenia says that her autistic brother has superpowers. In the last short film, children have illnesses that are not easily visible from the outside, but the characters explain how they've worked it out! Director Catalina Serna and producers Jaime Lozano and Cecilia Marcos from My Brother Luca will be in attendance.
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades 3-5
Directed by
Dutch, French, German, Spanish with English subtitles
Content Advisory
Identity; living with physical or mental challenges; overcoming obstacles; empathy; manage expectations; self-care; art therapy
90 mins
My Label, Animal Laughing, Children's Choir, I Am Me: "Jona Bakes Bread", Melting Heart Cake, My Brother Luca, The Show with the Mouse: "The Invisible Disease"