First Impressions
The adventurers in this collection of animated shorts are ready for new sights and new friends!
In one short, a penguin is reluctant to share his ice floe with a new neighbor, until he realizes new friends can come in all different shapes and sizes. In another short, a trip to an art museum makes for a full-immersion experience for one girl when her imagination takes her to new places. In the last short, it's Hare's birthday! All Fox wants to do is make Hare's birthday absolutely perfect for her, however when Tusk and Owl want to get involved everything gets a bit more complicated.
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades PreK and K
Directed by
English, Nonverbal, Persian, Japanese, French, Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles
Content Advisory
Dreamers and adventurers; new sights and sounds; different surroundings; new friends; first impressions
80 mins
The Musifant: "I Have a Little Cactus", Celebrating Mister Rogers, Jules and Jett Fly a Kite, Master Painter Bah Bizon, Morning, Konigiri-Kun: "Butterfly", Polar Opposites, Pickle Plum Parade, Gallery Experience, Simon: "Holiday Time!", Inside the Box, Wool Wool Town, Fox and Hare: "Birthday"