Fresh Out of School
This collection of animated short films reimagines French poetry.
Young animators fresh out of the very best animation schools were commissioned to re-imagine famous (and not-so-famous) French poetry in fresh, imaginative, and highly varied styles. Inspired by the French language, do they align in perfect symmetry or do they depart entirely to a new interpretation? Compare and contrast!
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This is a Field Trip Program
Ages 11-13
Directed by
French with English subtitles
Content Advisory
78 mins
An Instant, The Wallpaper Flowers, Prefixes, The Uncertain Bestiary, Two Passive Verbs, Birdbrained Starlings, You Rise the Water Unfolds, The Fish, Lively Air, Brow On the Window Panes like Those Who Keep Vigil On Sorrow, The Curve of Your Eyes Encircles My Heart, The Key to the Fields, Hold the Line, What Comes and Goes, The Silence Listener, The Lost Garden, 19 Nevers Street, Even When We Sleep, The Woman in Love, Conjugations and Interrogations, Night Song, Usefulness Matines, Journey with Mister Mister, Report, The Closed Window