Girl Boss: Girls Got This (Ages 11+)
The girls in this collection of shorts have long-term goals that they pursue despite the odds.
In one short, nothing can stop a girl who wants to make the Olympic team for a “boys-only” sport. In another short, Wanda feels like an outsider at home and school. But with the help of new friends, she pursues her passions and starts to excel at track meets. In the last film, Zahra is an Afghan whose family is seeking asylum in Norway. While waiting to learn whether she’ll be permitted to stay in Europe, she gets hooked on biking, and she becomes determined to learn how to ride. These girls go for it!
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This is a Field Trip Program
10 - 13
5 - 7
Directed by
English, German, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Hazaragi, nonverbal
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
70 mins
One Small Step, Megatrick, Place Cards, Iron Hands, Jiejie, Wanda, Bike Bird