Girls Got This (Filmmakers in Attendance)
The first 100 people at this screening will receive a free picture from from the PBS Kids TV show, Xavier Riddle. This screening is presented in partnership with WTTW.
The characters in this collection of animated shorts have the smarts and curiosity to make things happen. Nefertine aspires to be the first female scribe in the history of Egypt and in her latest adventure she is on the lookout for a mummy. In another short, Emma's bedtime routine has just become an adventure. In the last short based on the beloved book, find out why building a doghouse is "easy-peasy." Filmmakers from The Most Magnificent Thing and Dreamsheep will be in attendance.
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This is a Field Trip Program
Ages 5-8
Directed by
English, Nonverbal
Content Advisory
75 mins
Cat Planets, Athleticus: "Synchronized Trampoline", Nefertine On the Nile: "Who's Afraid of the Mummy?", Dreamsheep, Xavier Riddle: "Marie Curie", Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: "Helen Keller", The Most Magnificent Thing