Global View (Grades 4 – 6)
The characters in this collection of short films are members of various dynamic communities, both big and small.
In one short, two villages on either side of a river in Senegal are at odds until one pair of friends rights old wrongs. In another short, a group of kids learn new customs: how to bargain in Morocco, make an Afghan kite, and dance in a Turkish wedding. In the last short, several boys live in a dockside town where, despite individual customs, religions, and backgrounds, they share their Harbor culture.
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This is a Field Trip Program
4 - 6
Directed by
English, German, Dutch, nonverbal
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
95 mins
Gelato: "Seven Summers of Ice Cream Love", StoryTime: "Sine and Saloum", Awaker, World Tour Germany: "Turkey, Sweden, Morocco, Afghanistan", Harborboys