"Joe All Alone" Marathon (Ages 12+)
Joe Holt is initially excited when his mother tells him they'll be going to Spain for a week-long vacation – until he realizes that by "they,” she means she and her awful boyfriend Dean. Instead, Joe will be left alone in their house for the week.
Joe can only imagine how boring a week with absolutely nothing to do will be – until he stumbles upon a pile of cash that Dean tucked away in a corner. Joe might be a kid, but even he knows that $25,000 is a lot of money. As he deals with the arrival of his neighbor's granddaughter Asha, constant threats from school bully Perry, phone calls from the true owners of that cash, and the effects of bad curry, Joe realizes that his week at home will be much more interesting than he thought.
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This is a Field Trip Program
10 - 13
6 - 8
Directed by
Beryl Richards
Content Advisory
112 mins
Joe All Alone: "The Whole Story", Joe All Alone: "The Girl Next Door", Joe All Alone: "No Way Out", Joe All Alone: "Escape"