Looney Foodz (Ages 5-8)
Join the friends and family members in this shorts program dedicated to celebrations, food explorations, and all things yummy.
In one short, a fastidious penguin waits on guests at a party – but things go hilariously wrong almost immediately. In another short, a bento box comes alive with stop-motion sushi characters. In another short, a community of animals turns a wedding into a lavish festival of food and song. In another short, how does a lemur know when to show up every time a new tasty meal is set on the table?
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This is a Field Trip Program
5 - 8
K - 2
Directed by
English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Hakka Chinese, German, Czech, Dutch, nonverbal. This program will have subtitles read aloud.
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
64 mins
Penguin, Sweet Tooth, Looney Foodz!, Made In France, The Pi�ata King, Konigiri-Kun Music Box, Rainbow Forest: "The Rainbow Giant", The Bird Wedding, Stories about Mum and Dad: "How Mum and Dad Got Wed", Mogu and Perol, Evi & Co: "Together"