Maiden of the Lake
Since childhood, Emika has been making frequent trips to her cabin on Lake Saimaa with her cousin Antti, hoping to see the rare and elusive ringed seal.
Emika is a normal 13 year old girl who likes food, nature, dancing, and hanging out with friends. As often as she can, she leaves the city to explore the vibrant ecosystem of Lake Saimaa in Finland, where she attempts to get a glimpse at the elusive ringed seal. During her trips, she learns that nature is full of wonderful things and it never gets boring, especially when you can see glorious natural phenomenon like the Scandinavian Aurora Borealis.
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades 6-8
Directed by
Petteri Saario
Finnish with English subtitles
Content Advisory
Art (photography); nature (flora/fauna); human's interaction with nature; seasons; Scandinavian/Arctic wonders of the world; Aurora Borealis
90 mins