Melting Heart Cake
The colorful characters in this collection of animated shorts from France are always up for exciting adventure and living their dreams.
In one film, just because Sam the mouse can't naturally fly doesn't mean he isn't meant to fly. While Sam faces many challenges in his quest for flight, he has the rest of his forest friends to rely on for help. In another film, little Anna has made a very special gateau de coeur fondant for Bizerte's birthday, but can she make it through the forest without disrupting the cake?
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades 3-5
Directed by
French, Nonverbal
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
French animation; language arts; poetry; rhymed verse
85 mins
The Key to the Fields, Even When We Sleep, Discreet Water, Nature, Housing, Engagement, Basil Where Are You Going?, I'm the Strongest, Sam's Dream, Melting Heart Cake, Big Wolf & Little Wolf, The Cat