Planet Power (Grades 5+)
In this film, we watch the hopeful journey to fulfill one scientist and environmentalist's life-long dream of flying without hurting our Earth.
Piccard is an explorer. In 1999, he was part of the first nonstop trip around the world in a hot air balloon. But when he landed, he noticed there was very little fuel left in the tank and realized the environmental issues that came with that. Piccard vowed to make another trip using no fuel at all. For the next sixteen years, he would work toward the creation of Solar Impulse, a flight powered entirely by the sun, to fulfill his dream of a flight without fuel. Piccard was able to make huge strides towards a sustainable earth, but how will we continue to advocate for the preservation of our environment? Shown with: One Small Step - USA (English), Stardust - Mexico (Spanish)
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This is a Field Trip Program
Directed by
Pascal Vuong
English, Spanish
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
Energy conservation, environmental long-term sustainability, greenhouse effect and climate change; history of electricity; solar engineering; renewable energy industry; individual´┐Żs pursuit of dreams and career goals
90 mins
With: One Small Step, Stardust