Standing Ground
The characters in this collection learn that it's important to stand one's ground, in the face of bullies who make bad choices, even if you're in a new environment.
In one film, Olivia has just moved from the United States and is already getting picked on. Will she join a classmate in a fun past time or fall in with the cool girls? In another short, when Mikey moves from New Zealand to Australia and he gets picked on by the playground princess. But his smooth moves and great attitude deflect the competition.
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades 6-8
Directed by
French, English, Hebrew with English subtitles
Content Advisory
Mature Themes
No Bullies, Please!; personal strength when dealing with bullies; effect of small, kind gestures; empathy; courage to stand one's ground and be one's self; finding friend when excluded
90 mins
Two Passive Verbs, The Stained Club, Moth, Tadpole, Give it Back!, Hardball: "Across the Ditch"