STEM: Makers and Shakers
Join the characters in these real-life adventurers as they make exciting new discoveries.
In one film, Sophia and her classmates are looking to win the science competition. She has to learn teamwork and sharpened her ingenuity to come up with brilliant new ideas. In another film, join two inventors with a high-speed camera who carry out experiments to discover the magic of slow-motion. Volcanoes have astonishing power that have created the world as we know it today. Follow a National Geographic photographer as he ventures to some of the most remote volcanic sites on the planet and learn more about the geologic history of the Earth along the way!
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades 6-8
Directed by
Spanish, Nonverbal, Portuguese, French, English with English subtitles
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
STEM: Earth science; plate tectonics; observation; prediction; scientific process; nature's effect on civilizations and impact on human life; engineering design; girls in STEM
85 mins
Lessons Learnt by the Sea, R.I.S.E Pathfinder, Hivemind, Quick and Slow, Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation