Team Time
Sometimes it's a good time to take a closer look to figure something out from a different angle, either by one's self or with others.
In one film, Little Grey Wolfy looks forward to a tasty treat, but he and his friends have to make do with what's at hand. In a fun Sesame Street short, Ava shows her classmates that one way to solve a problem is to change your point of view. In the last short, a boy is doing his homework when along come some little creatures. Are they here to help?
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades PreK and K
Directed by
Nonverbal, English, Latvian with English subtitles
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
Persistence; perception; problem solving; initiative; teamwork
85 mins
Athleticus: "Gym Keeper", Koyaa: "Elusive Paper", Sheep, Sloth, Upside Down, Into the Shadow, Fussel, Matilda, Little Grey Wolfy: "Summer Party", The Last Day of Autumn, The Dust