The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear (Grades 1 – 3)
When the cautious elephant Sebastian and the brave cat Mitcho discover an important message in a bottle, the two friends and a kooky scientist embark on a series of seaside adventures.
The joyful residents of Sunny Town find themselves in despair after their beloved mayor disappears without a trace. While Sebastian avoids risk, his best friend Mitcho pushes the group toward the underwater dragons, wacky pirates, and ghostly apparitions that lie just off the town’s coast. Nothing can stop the trio from their civic duty, making for a comedic and “fruit-full” quest. But will they be able to rescue the mayor before a sneaky and power-hungry Sunny Town rogue puts his own plans into action?
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This is a Field Trip Program
1 - 3
Directed by
Philip Einstein Lipski, Jorgen Lerdam
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
Bravery, adventure, friendship, intergenerational passing-on of wisdom, life lessons, coming-of-age, manage expectations, deduction, problem solving, love of community
100 mins