The Robot and the Whale (Grades K – 2)
Featuring a new short film from Dreamworks, the characters in this program learn that friends can take us to whole new places and stick with us along the way.
In one short film from DreamsWorks, Bilby suddenly has a new buddy he needs to protect amidst growing challenges in the Australian Outback wilderness. In another short, two friends take part in a Scout outing and learn some absics about being a good friend. In the last short, a boy with visual-impairment demonstrates his other senses, empowering his new friend to explore nature in an entirely new way.
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This is a Field Trip Program
K - 2
Directed by
English, Swedish, Spanish, nonverbal. This program will have subtitles read aloud.
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
New friends, adventure, teamwork
90 mins
Game Changer, Leo: A Ghost Story, The Robot and the Whale, Bilby, The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill: "A Friend Like You", Colors