Time After Time (Ages 5-8)
The family members in this collection of shorts are always there for each other. Hurry Up, Herold! filmmaker in attendance.
In one short, a medieval princess decides that she isn’t cut out for royal life – will her parents agree? In another short, a father helps his child learn to ride a bike. In another short, a fishing trip turns into an underwater monster visit with a new family friend. It's always fun learning new things and trying new skills with someone at your side.
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This is a Field Trip Program
5 - 8
K - 2
Directed by
English, Czech, Portuguese, Dutch, nonverbal
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
56 mins
By My Side, My Little Garden: "Where Do You Fly, Honey Bee?", Lily's Driftwood Bay: "Paper Lanterns", Dark Dark Woods, If You Fall, Hurry Up Herold!, Lipe Grandpa and the Monster, Evi & Co: "Hiding"