Wonderful Wingits
The kids and creatures in this collection of animated shorts are big-hearted and not quick to judge.
In one short, a family of bats also happen to be traveling theater performers. Join them on there journey of who must resolving cast and crew dilemmas. In another short, Anna is trying to bring a cake through a wintry forest to her friend Bizerte’s for his birthday. But a massive giant now resides in the forest unbeknownst to little Anna - what now?
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This is a Field Trip Program
Grades K-2
Directed by
Dutch, English, Spanish, Nonverbal, Hungarian, French with English subtitles
Content Advisory
Not Applicable
No Bullies, Please!; Getting along; sharing; inclusivity; accepting differences; no labels; don't be quick to stereotype; empathy
80 mins
My Label, The Penguin Who Couldn't Swim, Cardboard Wings, Athleticus: "Synchronized Trampoline", The Fox & The Pigeon, Balance, Kippkopp in the Snow, The Wonderful Wingits, Melting Heart Cake